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Tortola Weddings

The lovely island of Tortola offers 21.5 square miles of stunning scenery along with a tranquil island atmosphere, making it a lovely backdrop for any destination wedding. Although it ranks as the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands, things here tend to stay somewhat low-key - nightlife centers on a few bars, the beaches remain quiet and pristine, and couples find it easy to locate a secluded place to hold the perfect marriage ceremony. For those who prefer romance, peaceful settings, and plenty of time for quiet relaxation and focusing on each other, Tortola provides the ideal location for a destination wedding.

When choosing a destination wedding venue, many couples select an outdoor location, taking advantage of the island's white sand shores, dramatic mountainous terrain, and of course stunning blue Caribbean waters as a backdrop for their Tortola destination wedding. All of Tortola's beaches remain open to the public, and a wide selection ensures that every couple finds their ideal location. The northern coast contains many of the more popular choices, as these beaches stay calmer with wider stretches of sand. Explore beautiful Cane Garden Bay Beach, perhaps one of the most-visited spots on the island - yet even this location manages to stay fairly quiet and secluded unless the cruise ships pay a visit. Other gorgeous beaches such as Brewer's Bay, Smuggler's Cove, and Lambert Beach stay even less crowded, and some lucky couples might find a beach entirely to themselves, depending on the time of year. Some of these locations prove tougher to access than others, but the reward of privacy typically makes any trek well worth it.

For couples that prefer a Tortola hotel wedding venue, several intimate and romantic locations with excellent wedding packages rest across the island. Many of these hotels offer the services of wedding coordinators, who can help select the best ceremony location and navigate the paperwork and legalities of marrying in Tortola. They can also help to arrange any extra services you might need, such as flowers, music, dinner receptions on the beach, and other extra-special touches. The hotels typically provide an entire range of location options to choose from, including beaches, romantic terraces with scenic views, ballrooms, restaurants, and anything else couples might need or want. The hotels of Tortola tend to reflect the island atmosphere of peace and tranquility, perfect for a relaxing wedding and honeymoon experience.

To find outdoor venues without the proximity of sand and waves, head to the national parks, all ideal locations for ceremonies. Tortola's Botanic Gardens host beautifully landscaped lawns, while the Queen Elizabeth II National Park offers a more laidback atmosphere for a small ceremony, with a nearby playground and a beautiful tree-spattered park area. Relax and unwind in these restful locations, where both visitors and locals alike come to enjoy time away from hectic lifestyles.

Tortola may not contain the booming nightlife and massive hotels of some of the other Caribbean Islands, but the result equals a simpler, sometimes more romantic type of experience. For couples that value an intimate ceremony, moments of quiet on the secluded beaches, and time spent together without distractions, beautiful Tortola may provide the answer to your destination wedding location search!

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